Separation & Co-parenting

After separation, you fall under the regulation of co-parenting. We help you find the best solution in terms of child benefit.

How do you receive child benefit after separation?

We receive the necessary information from the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises automatically if parents legally or actually separate. We then investigate who is entitled to the child benefit. You therefore need not do anything yourself.

Who receives the child benefit?

We determine who receives the child benefit based on the legislation. The regulation differentiates between minors and adult children.


In the case of minors, we automatically assume co-parenting, whereby both parents jointly hold parental authority. The mother automatically continues to receive the child benefit, except in the following cases:

  • If the family court exclusively gives parental authority to one of the parents, provide us with this decision as soon as possible. The parent with parental authority and with whom the child lives therefore receives the child benefit.
  • If the child is registered at the father’s address, he may receive the child benefit. In this case, send us a simple request in writing and we will pay the child benefit to you the following month.

When determining the status of other children for a higher amount, minors with co-parents are only considered as part of the family of the parent receiving the child benefit, even if we pay the benefit into a joint account.

Adults and emancipated children

If your child is an adult or emancipated, the parental authority ceases. From that time, we look at the actual situation within the family. We look at where the child is registered and pay the child benefit to that parent.

You may maintain the regulation of co-parenting if at least one parent declares that the child stays with each parent for an equal amount of time. We provide you with a document three months before your child’s 18th birthday so as to make the declaration. If you wish to stop co-parenting, you can simply ignore the document. Should the other parent submit a declaration to continue co-parenting, we will continue to apply the co-parenting regulation. Should the parents disagree, a social worker will visit to assess your situation.

How can you appeal against the payment decision?

Should you disagree with the payment to the other parent, you may file a complaint in this regard with the family court.

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