General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Site

Version 1 March 2022

Site Ownership

The BRUSSELS FAMILY FAMILY Allowance Fund or KINDERBIJSLAGFONDS BRUSSELS FAMILY, for short: BRUSSELS FAMILY (N°BCE 0409,080,771 – BRUSSELS Register of Companies with its registered office at Rue Vésale 31, 1000 BRUSSELS) is the owner of the website.

Site hosting

The site is hosted by Totaaldomein B.V. exercising its business under the name of Neostrada, a company established at Reaalhof 64, 8232VS in Lelystad, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 50033425

Responsible editor

The Responsible Publisher is the BRUSSELS FAMILY non-profit organisation.

Responsible for data processing

The website’s Data Controller is the BRUSSELS FAMILY NPO. For further details, please refer to the “Privacy Policy” published on the site.

Site Users

  • SITE Users refer to all persons who access and browse the SITE either as simple internet users or as beneficiaries.
  • By consulting the resources of the WEBSITE, the User acknowledges:
    • Have the necessary competence and means to access and use the SITE;
    • Have verified that the computer configuration used does not contain any viruses and is in working order;
    • Use the information and tools available on the site under its sole responsibility.
  • The user also acknowledges having read these General Terms and Conditions of Use, as well as the Privacy Policy and the Privacy Cookies. It undertakes to comply with its terms and conditions in extenso.
  • It is also the responsibility of users to regularly read the general terms and conditions of use of the site, which may be subject to updates and modifications over time.
  • Persons accessing, visiting or using the App must ensure that they are permitted to obtain such information under the laws of their country, or, if applicable, must refrain from accessing, visiting and/or using the Site.

General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Site

  • These General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website apply to any consultation of the website
  • By visiting this website, the User acknowledges having read these General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website in advance and having accepted them in full and expressly.
  • Brussels Family is entitled to amend the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website unilaterally and at any time.

Site operation, accessibility and security

  • The owner of the Site:
    • Cannot guarantee the continuity of the proper functioning of the latter or its complete IT security. It undertakes, as far as possible, to make every effort to ensure that Users have access to it. It shall therefore not be held liable in the event of unavailability of the Site for any reason whatsoever.
    • Makes every effort to offer Users available and verified tools, but declines any liability in particular in the event of incorrect information, lack of availability of information and/or presence of viruses or other logical infections affecting its Site.
  • BRUSSELS FAMILY ensures the security of access to any online services for its beneficiaries by means of security systems in line with technological developments. If such Services are made available to the Grantee, in order to gain access, the User is required to prove their identity by means of an identification procedure that only they are able to apply. The User undertakes to use the service with due care and diligence and to make every effort to prevent third parties from becoming aware of the identification procedure, which is strictly personal. The User is solely responsible for compliance with the identification procedure and the consequences of unlawful use of the identification procedure.

Site content and information

  • Although BRUSSELS FAMILY takes the utmost care to ensure the quality and reliability of the information contained on the site, it is provided for information purposes only without any guarantee, express or implied, of validity, completeness or timeliness.
  • The applicability of the information on the website depends on the individual case. The information is not a substitute for advice or assistance in specific situations. The visitor is fully responsible for the choice of the information he/she consults and for the consequences of his/her use of said information.
  • BRUSSELS FAMILY reserves the right to revise, delete, validate, change or modify this website, in whole or in part, at any time and without notice.


  • Hyperlinks that are set up in the context of the use of the site to other resources present on the Internet network shall not engage the responsibility of the owner of the Site.
  • By means of hypertext links, the User is free to consult the sites indicated by the hypertext links or not.
  • Site Users may not set up a hyperlink to this site without the express and prior permission of the site owner. The user is invited to send their request by e-mail to

Site Tools

  • The simulator and calculator tools made available to the User are purely informative and do not engage the responsibility of the Site owner. The User undertakes to verify by other means the result produced by the tools made available to him/her via the Site.

Intellectual property rights

Brand and logo

  • The “BRUSSELS FAMILY” trademark and the “logo” are the property of BRUSSELS FAMILY.

Photographs published on the site

  •  The photographs published on the site are subject to:
    • Or a transfer of rights in favour of BRUSSELS FAMILY
    • Or a licence subscribed to by BRUSSELS FAMILY.
  • With the exception of journalist users, other users are not authorised to reproduce the photographs on the site unless written permission is given by BRUSSELS FAMILY prior to their publication. Authorisation can be requested at the following address:
  • Journalists may reproduce the photos present in the press area of the site and subject to the following conditions: the reproduction of the name of the photographer mentioned:
    • In the form of photographic credit
    • Or possibly in this legal notice.

Content, permission to reproduce content

  • The content published on the site is the property of BRUSSELS FAMILY.
  • BRUSSELS FAMILY authorises the User of this Site to copy, print and use the data consulted provided that they are used for information purposes by the visitor and excluding any reproduction in multiple copies, distribution or exploitation by third parties. The reproduction of this information is for private use only.
  • For all information and requests for reproduction of content published on the website https://www.BrusselsFamily (texts, graphics, illustrations) on any medium, the user is invited to send their request by e-mail to the following address:

Mr the Director of BRUSSELS FAMILY

Rue Vésale, 31


  • Offenders will be prosecuted in civil and penal law.

Data bases

  • The databases associated with the site are the property of BRUSSELS FAMILY.

Site structure, software, animated or non-animated images

  • The structure of the website, the associated software, texts, animated images and non-animated images are the exclusive property of BRUSSELS FAMILY or third parties who have granted it the necessary rights.

Responsibility for

  • Any risks associated with accessing the website are borne entirely by the User.
  • All data on the Site is updated with the utmost care by Brussels Family, which only uses reliable sources. However, due to the rapid evolution and complexity of the matters dealt with, Brussels Family does not provide any guarantee regarding the accuracy and completeness of the information presented on the website. For this reason, Brussels Family declines all liability in the event of direct or indirect damage resulting from access to, consultation and use of the information, data and publications appearing on the website, as well as access to and use of interactive applications. The user is in particular fully responsible for the choice, application or interpretation of the legal information on the Website in his/her own situation or in a specific case. The information on the website is not a substitute for legal advice.
  • Unless expressly stated otherwise, pages and simulations that the visitor views or obtains through interactive applications are purely informative.
  • The website can in principle be consulted at all times, except during periods of technical maintenance, updating of content or repair of faults. In particular, BRUSSELS FAMILY reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to interrupt access to the site in the event of a risk of fraud or abuse. BRUSSELS FAMILY therefore does not undertake to provide continuous, uninterrupted or secure access to its website, but will nevertheless try to make every effort to limit the duration of interruptions or unavailability.
  • BRUSSELS FAMILY cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damage:
    • resulting from the unavailability of the website or parts thereof, restriction of use;
    • Resulting from the transmission of a virus despite existing security measures, the interruption of access to the application due to breakdowns, connection problems, a failure of the host, a strike, a health crisis requiring it to reduce its offer digitally or the occurrence of a case of force majeure;
    • Or that the user of the website would suffer as a result of using the website or being unable to use it, for whatever reason.

Liability with respect to third-party sites

  • This website contains hyperlinks to third-party websites. Visitors are free to view these sites. Brussels Family cannot be held liable for the content of the sites to which it refers and does not give any guarantee as to the level of security of such sites. Brussels Family cannot be held liable for any negative consequences or damages the visitor may incur as a result of using such hyperlinks.

Governing Laws

  • Complaints, requests or disputes relating to personal data or data protection as well as the security of the website must be directed to the following internet address:
  • The deadlines and procedure applicable to the processing of such complaints are those set out in the Privacy Policy published on the website.
  • Disputes arising from the operation of the site, the contents and the published photographs must, before any referral to a court of law, be submitted in advance to the following address:


Legal Disclosures

Rue Vésale, 31


  • In the absence of a satisfactory response via the above address, before referral to any court, the customer or internet user must first send a registered letter to the following address:

Mr the Director of BRUSSELS FAMILY

Rue Vésale, 31


  • These general terms and conditions of use of the website, their interpretation and implementation are governed by Belgian law. Only the Courts of Brussels shall have jurisdiction.