Living Together & Getting Married

Are you moving in together? Congratulations!
Are you getting married? Congratulations as well!
Read what will change for you here.

Do you live together?

If you live together under the same roof, you do not always actually live together. You only actually live together if you fulfil the following conditions.

  • You are at least two people registered at the same address.
  • You are not blood or other relatives up to the third degree.
  • You each contribute financially to the household.

If, based on your family composition, there is a suspicion that you are living together, you can always refute this by presenting a registered rental contract at your municipality.

Are you entitled to child benefit or allowances?

Getting married, remarrying or living together are important stages in your life, and they also have consequences for the child benefit. Brussels Family receives all the necessary information through the Crossroad Bank for Enterprises and investigates your entitlement accordingly. You therefore need not do anything.

If you already have children from a previous relationship, then all children for whom you and your partner receive child benefit are taken into account when calculating the amount. You therefore receive a higher amount for your children.

Example: Jan (38) marries Marjolein (38). Jan has a son, Pieter (12), and Marjolein has a daughter, Petra (11). Jan receives child benefit for Pieter. Marjolein receives a higher amount for her daughter, Petra, because she is married to Jan and Petra is younger than Pieter.

There are a number of allowances that you can only receive as a single parent. You may lose these when you live together or get married:

  • If you received a single-parent allowance, you no longer receive this allowance if you get married or live together.
  • If you received child benefit based on your survivor’s pension, your entitlement to child benefit lapses when you live together or get married. We then investigate the entitlement to child benefit through your and your partner’s situation immediately.
  • If your partner dies and you received increased orphan benefit, you receive the usual child benefit when you get married or live together.

The allowance for long-term unemployed or retired persons and the allowance for long-term illness or incapacity for work may also lapse when you live together with someone or get married. Inform us if you are to live together or get married so that we can investigate your entitlement to an allowance once more.

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