In the event that you are left on your own, the child benefit will be replaced by an increased orphan benefit.

When are you entitled to orphan benefit?

As a parent, you may be entitled to an increased orphan benefit if one or both parents of a legal, recognised or adopted child have died. We take a look at your situation over the past year in this regard. Two conditions apply:

  • You are entitled to orphan benefit if the deceased parent was entitled to child benefit for six months in the 12 months preceding their death. You are also entitled to orphan benefit if they were entitled to child benefit for 24 months in the five years preceding their death. If that is not the case, we will look into this through the other parent. If neither parent satisfies the conditions, we will investigate for you whether someone else in your family is entitled to orphan benefit for your child.
  • You have not remarried and have not formed a new family. If you remarry or form a new family, you will go back to receiving the usual child benefit.

As a child, you are entitled to increased orphan benefit in the following cases:

  • Both your parents have died.
  • One of your parents has died and you are no longer in contact with your other parent. They contribute to your living costs to an extent or not at all. In order to determine this, we send you form P16com to fill in each year.

Who receives the orphan benefit?

The person who raises the child receives the benefit.

As a child, you receive the benefit yourself if you are 16 or older and live alone.

How can you apply for the orphan benefit?

Death in Belgium – You should inform us of this yourself. The necessary information is also sent to us automatically by the Crossroad Bank for Enterprises, but this may take some time. If you do not live in Belgium or information is missing, we send you an application for orphan benefit to complete.

Death abroad – For deaths abroad, we only require a death certificate. If your child was born abroad and did not live in Belgium before the death, you should also submit your child’s birth certificate. This will allow us to determine whether the child is related to the deceased parent.

How much does the orphan benefit amount to?

The orphan benefit amounts to €353.76*, and can be increased with the age allowance and/or disability allowance.

Children for whom you receive orphan benefit are not taken into account when determining the status of other children for a higher amount.

*This amount only applies in Flanders. The orphan benefit amounts to €360.83 in the Walloon Region, Brussels-Capital Region and the German-speaking Community.

When do you receive the orphan benefit?

We pay the orphan benefit as from the month after the death.