Additional care

Does your child have a disability or suffer from a long-term illness? If so, you will receive an additional allowance on top of the child benefit.

Who is entitled to an allowance?

Children with a disability or disorder are entitled to receive additional support. Children suffering from a long-term chronic illness, cancer, etc. are also entitled to an extra allowance to make their care more financially bearable.

Each disability, condition or disorder is assessed using three pillars:

1. The physical and mental consequences

2. The impact on your child’s daily routine (e.g., mobility, learning ability)

3. The impact on your family (e.g., medical treatment, necessary travel)

The doctor from FPS Social Security assigns a number of points to each pillar. Your child is entitled to an additional allowance if at least four points are achieved in the first pillar or at least six points are achieved for the three pillars combined.

How much does the additional allowance amount to?

The amount you receive depends on the number of points awarded by doctor contracted by the FPS Social Security office.

Number of points for three pillars combined Number of points for first pillar Amount
0 – 5 4 or more €80.75
6 – 8 0 – 3 €107.55
6 – 8 4 or more €414.28
9 – 11 0 – 3 €250.97
9 – 11 4 or more €414.28
12 – 14 n/a €414.28
15 – 17 n/a €471.07
18 – 20 n/a €504.71
21 or more n/a €538.36

How can you apply for the additional allowance?

Step 1
You can contact us by phone, email or letter depending on your preference.

Step 2
We will contact the local FPS Social Security office to start the investigation.

Step 3
The FPS Social Security office will then assess your child’s disability and inform us, so we can pay the additional allowance. Depending on FPS Social Security’s decision, we can also assign the additional allowance retrospectively.

What if the medical condition of your child changes? Please contact us to request a reassessment.

Is the assessment for your child about to expire? Don’t panic. The FPS will automatically start an enquiry for a new assessment. Please make sure you provide the FPS the completed forms on time. If they receive the forms too late, they will reject your application. We will receive the correct information from them and inform you of your entitlement to the additional allowance.

Do you still receive an additional allowance if your child works?

Your child may work as much as possible without losing their entitlement to the additional allowance until 31 August of the year in which your child turns 18.

From 1 September of the year in which your child turns 18 up until the month in which they turn 21, you still receive the additional allowance under different conditions:

  • If your child works without complete social security documentation (e.g., a student contract), as a volunteer or in a sheltered workshop, social workshop or a company for adapted employment, either under an apprenticeship contract or not.
  • If your child combines work with their studies, the following conditions apply:

Secondary education, higher education or additional year for final thesis – Your child works up to 240 hours per quarter. Is your child working too much during a particular quarter? If so, you will not receive an allowance for the full quarter. You will receive the regular child benefit. Please read all the rules on temporary employment as a student here.

Apprenticeship contract, part-time secondary education or school leaver looking for a job – Your child earns a maximum of €541.09 gross per month. Is your child earning more in a particular month? If so, you will not receive an allowance for that month. You will, however, receive the usual child benefit.

A social benefit that is the result of permitted activities, or a jobseeker’s allowance for school leavers, has no effect on the additional allowance.

Do you still receive an additional allowance if your child is older than 21 years of age?

As soon as your child turns 21, you no longer receive an additional allowance on top of the child benefit. You can request an allowance for persons suffering from a handicap via MyHandicap as of their 20th birthday. The municipality organises the payments via FPS Social Security.

If your child continues their studies, secures a placement or is registered as a job seeker, you will still receive the basic child benefit without an additional allowance. In this regard, the general conditions for child benefit apply.