Single-parent family

If you raise your children alone,you receive some extra support on top of the child benefit.

What is a single-parent family?

ou have a single-parent family if you, as a parent, live alone and have one or more children. The children may also be domiciled with another parent. Step-children, foster children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews may also form part of your single-parent family. You may therefore not live together with a partner.

How can you apply for a temporary social allowance?

To do so, we send you a form on which you declare all your income from the previous year. Based on that form, we calculate your average gross income per month. If the average income is not higher than € 2.452,41 per month, you receive a temporary social allowance. See which income you should specify using the table below.

Occupational and replacement income
Specify (if applicable) Do not specify
Salaries and service vouchers Luncheon and eco vouchers
Net income as self-employed

(net taxable income x 100/80)

Child support
Maintenance payments for foster parents (National Employment Office) Living wage
Local employment office (PWA) vouchers Family benefit
Holiday pay Advance holiday pay
Payments – unemployment, career break, time credit, bankruptcy, illness, maternity leave, occupational accidents, occupational illnesses, (bridge) pensions and group insurance Lump-sum fee for custody of unaccompanied foreign minors
Retrospective payments relating to the current year Retrospective payments relating to a previous year
Severance payments relating to the current year Severance payments relating to a previous year
Year-end bonuses Compensation from the Vlaamse Zorgverzekering (Flanders Care Insurance)
Compensation for providing assistance to the elderly
Compensation for providing assistance to third parties
Maintenance costs for foster parents (Kind en Gezin)
Integration allowance for persons with a disability

How much does the additional allowance amount to?

Child Flanders Walloon Region, Brussels-Capital Region & German-speaking Community
First child* € 46,88 € 47,81
Second child € 29,06 € 29,64
Third (or subsequent) child € 23,43 € 23,90

* You may also receive an increased age allowance for your first child if the full age allowance is not yet paid out for them. The increased amount is linked to their age.

When do you receive the temporary and definitive allowance?

We grant the allowance temporarily if you meet the following conditions:

  • You have a single-parent family.
  • During this calendar year, you spent at least six months in one of the situations outlined below. If we investigate your entitlement within the first six months of the calendar year, we only look at the current calendar year, even if this period is shorter than six months:

You only receive replacement income for unemployment or because you are ill.

You receive replacement income for unemployment and a salary for part-time work.

As a self-employed person, you are deemed to be ill and you paid no contributions or you are covered by bankruptcy insurance.

In any other case, we send you a questionnaire to determine your gross income per month for the past year. You earn on average a maximum of € 2.452,41 gross per month, including any benefits and occupational income. As soon as we have received the list, we can determine whether or not you are entitled to a temporary allowance. We review the temporary allowance on your request or if we receive notice of a change to your family or occupational situation.

We grant the allowance on a permanent basis if we receive notice of your exact income from the tax services. We then also evaluate the previous period and pay you the allowance retrospectively if you did not receive an allowance but were entitled to one. If you received a temporary allowance without being entitled to one, we will ask you to repay the sums.

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